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Summer is exciting this year. Look for us at the following festivals.

We're happy to be returning to the...

Kentucky Renaissance Fair (Runs Weekends 6/3 - 7/9 2017) 955 Elm St Eminence, KY.

 Summer in Michigan

     "Black Rock Medieval Fest" (Runs  July 8 - August 6) *13235 M-96 (Augusta Dr.) Augusta, Mi.

Please come and check it out.
 Ball and Chain AND Medieval Mixes are in Michigan this season...
"Michigan Renaissance Festival" (Weekends from  August 18- September 30) 
*12600 Dixie Hwy. Holly, Mi. 

Please Note the New locations for both of us. 
                                                                              Medieval Mixes is in Bldg. #743 near the Mud Stage.
                                                                              Ball and Chain is in Bldg. #705 near the Games Area. 

Autumn is a great time for festival goers. Come see us at these exciting events!!!

    Medieval Mixes and Ball and Chain will be at...
**** The Carolina Renaissance Festival which runs September 29 - November 18***    
                               16445 Poplar Tent Road, Huntersville, NC.

This winter in Florida looks like this.
  *  "Hoggetowne Medieval Faire"  Jan 26, 27,  Feb 1, 2 and 3. Alachua County Fairgrounds, Gainesville.

Again this winter, we're going to be at Tampa, Florida's "Bay Area Renaissance Festival" near MOSI.

* Other festivals and dates yet to be determined

Please email us for locations and directions.

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